There are no magic pills (we call those scams). You follow our system and put in the effort. We’ll have your back.

We built a system for dedicated people, who know it’s going to take hard work, but are ready to make it happen.

The ModifyBody System

The ModifyBody system includes 6-core components. The most important of which is doctor consultation and supervision. Read more about the ModifyBody system below:

Doctor Supervised

Our physician is dedicated and passionate about lifestyle and health management. A medical doctor will complete a consultation before starting the system.

Your Mentors

ModifyBody has a dedicated team of Mentors, dedicated to your success. Our mentors have been through the program, understand it, and are there to support you!

Nutrition & Supplements

We will provide you with a full nutrition workbook, including shopping lists, unique and delicious recipes and suggestions for Health Canada approved supplements.


Through collaboration with McGill University, we are able to obtain your genetic blue print for nutritional and active recommendations – personalized and precise tailored to you.


The app is your anchor to the entire ModifyBody system – from progress graph of your story, to tracking tool for your daily progress, and much more.


Get support from our private community of members! Engage with mentors when you need help, and find and meet others to share in the stories of success (or struggle).

Ready to rock? Meeting with a mentor is your next step. Our mentors know the struggle, and are here to help.

At ModifyBody we don’t believe in before and after photos, we don’t believe in selling you on someone else’s story.

This is your story.


We do believe in data; we think ours pretty impressive.

Total pounds shed:
(that’s the weight of 20 polar bears!)
Total inches lost:
(that’s taller than the height of the Calgary Tower!)